Desire (2008)

Desire was recorded, mixed and produced at Atlantis Sound Studios by renowned Australian engineer Tony Cohen, best known for his work with Nick Cave, from early Birthday Party albums through to the Bad Seeds. 

Writing in Melbourne's Beat Magazine, critic Bronius Zumeris praised Desire for its "consistently engaging melodies … challenging lyrics ... inventive arrangements and heartfelt poetry".

Patrick Lang of DB Magazine highlighted "Keese's voice, reedy and vulnerable, sometimes recalling Morrissey [or] Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds during their slow, devotional period " and cited the album as "a strong debut from an obviously talented singer/songwriter” that showed “glimpses of genius amongst the distillation of influences".

Larissa Wodtke of Condemned To Rock ‘n’ Roll blog in Canada closed her review of Desire by stating –

"Andrew Keese and The Associates take the gentle cadences of classical elements and marry them to the mournful essence of country/folk to achieve a record of exquisite longing cocooned in a soft solitude, filtering memory like a twilit blindfold”.