Andrew Keese is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

To date, he has recorded and released three albums: Desire and The Inheritance as well as recording and producing one instrumental album entitled Infinite Possible Shapes.

He is currently working on a new instrumental album entitled Intersections as well as an album of solo piano and voice covers entitled Must I Paint You A Picture in addition to writing material for his next singer/songwriter album tentatively titled Static.


For over ten years, he has also played a pivotal role as guitarist in Amaya Laucirica's band, recording on – and touring in support of – all four of Amaya's albums to date including 2018's critically acclaimed Rituals.

In late 2008, he also co-founded and co-managed Departed Sounds – a local independent record label – which released 4 full length albums and several singles by local artists until its closure in 2012.

He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.