Andrew Keese is an Australian musician. His output is generally divided into one of two categories: singer/songwriter or instrumental.

To date, he has recorded and released three albums: Desire and The Inheritance (recorded as Andrew Keese & The Associates) as well as recording and producing one instrumental album entitled Infinite Possible Shapes.

He is currently working on a new double instrumental album entitled Minutiae + Intersections as well as an album of solo piano and voice covers entitled Must I Paint You A Picture while also working towards his next singer/songwriter album to be released under his own name.


 For over ten years, he has also played a pivotal role as guitarist in Amaya Laucirica's band, recording on, and touring in support of, all four of Amaya's albums including this year's critically acclaimed Rituals.

In late 2008, he also co-founded and co-managed Departed Sounds – a local independent record label – which released 4 full length albums and several singles by local artists until its closure in 2012.

He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.